Discussed problems using actual courses with students as research subjects in the TI, due to CFREB’s freakout about video cameras and surveillance…

Drama course – doesn’t need ethics approval in the same way, as students are participants/performers rather than subjects. Can we pilot data collection with a group of drama students, to test the methods and examine preliminary data while waiting for the CFREB thing to resolve? Archive media for documentation of course/project. Relies on maintaining diverse perspective roles and ways of working.

Omnimedia & omnidisciplinarity. Everything is part of the same thing. One project, different approaches.

How to conduct research about a class/performance in a way that doesn’t “taint” it? From within or from outside?

Talked about Mark Poster – technology and information. see Postmodern Virtualities.

Structuralist view of modern society change – see Foucault – structure and power. Hidden constraints are the problem.

Anthropological interpretation of class archive omnimedia?

Omnimedia without a guide is chaos. Important role of “hospitable guide” or editor to help make sense of it all.

Citizen Kane closing scene – collections archived without organization. No hospitable guide, so archive was perceived as meaningless chaos. ROSEBUD!

Primary research – first, collect the archive.

Write-up / dissemination – invitation to share or access the archive. Tell a story. Hospitable hand. Provide framework + map(s) so others can make sense of it.

Spatial not textual.

Translating omnimedia chaos to make it understandable to those outside the fray.

[talked about hosting audio files for a blog site]

[talked about “creativity hour” for team]