performance as research data

  • who is performing?
  • in which roles?
  • activity vs. passivity, static vs. dynamic
  • what do the performers bring as background? the audience/participants?
  • what is actually happening during a performance?
    • what was planned?
    • what was perceived?
    • what are the lasting marks?
    • what are the high impact moments?
      • what makes them high impact?
  • archives & historical data?
    • design + planning
    • recording + documentation of event
    • recording + documentation of subject responses
  • is evaluation of the performance useful?
  • how to foster/support meaningful reflection? (for all participants)
  • how to make sense of energy + interactions?
  • can a recording / analysis of a performance have greater utility than the raw/live performance?
  • how to record/interpret sensory perceptions?
    • visual/auditory/haptic/olfactory/… of each participant?
    • why would this be recorded? what purposes would these data serve?

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Last updated: December 04, 2023