An ethnographic interview with an AI

via BoingBoing, this video of a presentation by Genevieve Bell from Intel at O’Reilly’s AI Conference, on how to engage the concept of AI from an anthropological and ethnographic framework.

I don’t think of AI as trying to invent an artificial human, but it’s extremely important to think about the cultural, moral, racial, and gender biases that get baked into code through histories of projects.

Computer science researchers create augmented reality education tool | UToday

This is cool. Christian’s lab has been producing some amazing tech for visualizing and interacting with human and cellular anatomy, including LINDSAY Virtual Human, and now this: Christian Jacob and Markus Santoso are trying to …

University Affairs – Classrooms are getting a makeover to accommodate new forms of teaching

University Affairs article on active learning classrooms, with a bit about Michael Ullyot’s Shakespeare course in the Taylor Institute: He’s taught courses in a similar way in regular classrooms using workarounds to deal with obstacles …