Updating my WordPress plugins

I've cobbled a few WordPress plugins together, primarily to do stuff on UCalgaryBlogs by exposing built-in WordPress functionality through shortcodes so that people don't have to manually edit themes.

And then I basically ignored the plugins for a few years, because they don't actually do anything, so there's not much to update or fix. But it looks bad if a plugin hasn't been tested with recent versions of WordPress, so I just did some testing of them all. They all work on WP 4.4.2, and I'll re-test after 4.5 drops. I did find some funkiness in one of the plugins, and that's been taken care of (and I made it a bit more generalizable, so yay progress). I'm hoping to give the plugins some more love - I definitely need to spend more time actually building things instead of just talking about the stuff that people do with the things I made a few years ago…

Post Revision Display may become more active - a new developer was just added to the project, which means some new energy and ideas…


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