Garrison et al. (2006). Revisiting methodological issues in transcript analysis

Garrison, D. R., Cleveland-Innes, M., & Koole, M. (2006). Revisiting methodological issues in transcript analysis: Negotiated coding and reliability. The Internet and Higher ….


p.4: While assigning frequencies to the classifications is an aid in understanding patterns, this does not make it a quantitative, inferential statistical procedure. We are in the early stages of understanding and explaining the complexities of online conferencing and educational discourse. The goal is descriptive, not predictive — Highlighted Jan 30, 2016

p.5: Community of inquiry coding scheme — Highlighted Jan 30, 2016

p.6: Reliability in the data collection and analysis process is a cornerstone of sound research. Analysis of qualitative, textual data produced by research respondents requires multiple layers of what Giddens (1984) refers to as double hermeneutics: the subjective interpretation of expressed responses relating to concrete experience in the physical world. Raters or coders apply conceptual codes to these expressions, based on their interpretation of that expression. Inter-rater reliability is the measure of the amount of agreement among multiple coders for how they apply codes to text data. Negotiated agreement extends the interpretation of individual raters into a state of intersubjectivity, where raters discuss, present and debate interpretations to determine whether agreement can be reached. — Highlighted Jan 30, 2016

p.7: Use of the current coding scheme requires considerable training and collaboration on the part of coders and researchers engaged in such work. Coders without experience in either educational processes or online environments will require increased exposure and engagement to understand the coding scheme and the responses of research participants. While negotiated coding is particularly useful in exploratory research, another strong argument for negotiated coding is when coders/researchers are not familiar with or experienced in using the coding scheme to analyze transcripts. Even if the coders are experienced in analyzing transcripts, if a new coding scheme is introduced, there may be considerable advantages in a negotiated approach. It may be very beneficial and insightful to explore the different perspectives of the coders — Highlighted Jan 30, 2016

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