2015 week 42 in review


Nope. Well, almost nope. Had some HR stuff to finalize before our new Online Learning Environment Specialist starts on the 26th. I'm out of the office until Oct. 23.





Thinking about ideas for starting a doctoral degree. Nothing crystallizing, yet, but I have some things I'd like to explore.

Migrated a copy of our family photo library from Aperture to Photos with iCloud backup. The upload process took a few days, and went from an initial estimate of 160GB (which fit nicely in our 200GB iCloud storage) to 180GB (which would be tight, with device backups, but still room for it), to 216GB (which filled the storage, so I had to upgrade to the top 1TB tier). Seems to have worked nicely, and it's great having every photo available on every device. But our lowly MacBook Air seems to want to cache a bunch of it on its small SSD - the library is stored on an external volume, which has lots of room, but the iCloud cache is in my home directory, which means 20GB or so of stuff gets pulled into a boot volume that has 20GB free. Which means the drive fills up and complains. Not cool. I'll figure something out, maybe with The Magic of Symlinksâ„¢.

And, spending some time at home with The Teenâ„¢ and The Pupâ„¢ (who is working on her Chewbacca impression)

insert chewbacca roar

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