2015 week 41 in review


We're hiring - Taylor Institute Operations Technician

Patrick Finn gave a "Last Lecture" on campus this week. An absolutely amazing, emotional, raw, dangerous and important lecture. We are so fortunate to have Dr. Finn as part of our campus community.

last lecture

Kelsy Norman has been doing a series of interview podcasts with UofC alumni. Lots of great ones, but he got to sit down with Dr. Cannon for some non-official-chat. Nice. Peer Review 55: Elizabeth Cannon sets her sights even higher

I won an award, from the Provost. That felt pretty awesome. But, I am nothing without my amazing team. The EDU is the best.

And I'm taking a couple of weeks off. Out of the office from Oct. 9-22. No big plans. Hanging around the house. Getting The Teenâ„¢ to school etc.





So, I'm planning on applying to enter the Doctor of Education (EdD) in Learning Sciences program @UCalgary. I'll be working on the package while I'm out of the office this month. Oh, and trying to figure out how to pay for it. Basically, costs as much as a pretty nice new car. And I don't have any of those because they're too expensive… Assuming I figure out that side of things, I'll hopefully be able to start the program in July 2016.

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