IMG_1388.JPG Patrick sets up the rehearsal for The Extinction Therapist Beakerhead rehearsal session

Patrick Finn is an incredibly inspiring prof, and we’re lucky to have him here at UCalgary.

His work on helping to transition from critical to loving thinking is extremely important. I’ve watched his TEDxYYC talk a few times, and revisited it again after this week’s Beakerhead theatre workshop rehearsal of The Extinction Therapist - an event led by Patrick, with actors presenting their early interpretation of Clem Martini’s unfinished script. The play was interesting, weird, and thought-provoking - all things we need more of.

Patrick Finn @ TEDxYYC: The Importance of Loving Communication

Also, check out Patrick’s book, “Critical Condition”, with more on his work on loving thinking as an alternative to critical thinking.