2015 week 37 in review


We did the interviews for the Technology Integration Specialist position - hoping to be able to make an announcement early next week. Super excited to get this role up and running, so the Learning Technologies Coaches Program can start ramping up.

One thing that surprised me - in filling out the paperwork, the form asked me the gender of the applicant. Not a difficult question, but my initial reaction was "no. that's a stupid question. I'm not filling that in." - and I thought about it, and couldn't think of a good reason why I should be providing that information about an employee. Anyway. I left that field blank just out of principle.

Our Online ISW project team met to plan things. We'll be adjusting our online ISW program, refining the content, and redeveloping it as an open online resource for others to use. We've got a lot to start with, and are working with some really fantastic grad students to get things rolling.

Had a quick Skype call with David Porter and his team, to discuss how we're using the Swivl robot camera mounts in the EDU. They're working out really well for us, and I'm planning to buy another six-pack (if I can find the Canadian source - Swivl Global HQ didn't respond, and buying directly through the Swivl website makes them rather more expensive, without specific Canadian shipping options. Free Trade and all that.)





I rode 3 days this week. Felt great, but I'm not sure if I'll be trying to ride every day. Might try dialling things back a bit. But then I'd miss things like this on my commute…

sunrise by bike

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