It was a crazy week. I think the EDU was offering all programming simultaneously - Instructional Skills Workshop, Course Design Workshop, D2L Work Sessions, Curriculum Review orientation, all at the same time. It was great to see so many people coming together in the EDU. Space planning is interesting, and we had to shuffle a few bookings to make room for everyone, but it worked out great. I got to wear a few hats, which is always great - and we had a couple of instructors working in the Faculty Design Studio. Can't wait to see what they make.

full house for Curriculum Review

I sent out the communication packages for the Learning Technologies Support Program this week, so people in all faculties can start planning what they want to do, and how they want to hire their Coaches.

And, we're hiring again - Online Learning Environment Specialist - an extremely important role, working with instructors to support their integration of various learning technologies.





I rode my bike 3 days this week. I skipped Thursday, after riding home into some fun headwinds Wednesday evening. And I took Friday off to make it an extra-long-weekend. Feeling stronger, and am hoping to keep riding until the snow piles up. I don't think I have winter riding in me anymore…