2015 week 29 in review


We are working on finalizing the RFP for installing the audiovisual and collaboration technology in the new Taylor Institute building. That process is coming along nicely - but during this week’s meeting, IT needed to get on-site to see how the server/equipment racks in the mezzanine area would be arranged. I was able to tag along for a site visit. Wow. The interior isn’t quite finished yet, but it’s going to be an incredible space to work in. More details on that ASAP, but I took some photos like a tourist as we went through the building.



I’m trying to switch to an iPad as primary mobile device1, rather than using my Macbook Air. I picked up a really nice (and cheap!) keyboard/case for it, and it definitely feels like a super-small laptop. I’m finding I can do most of what I need to do on it. With the physical keyboard, the on-screen keyboard disappears, so apps have much more real estate for actually writing stuff. It feels like a Surface, but with better software (although inconsistent - not all apps seem to grok physical keyboard controls - arrows don’t work in Reeder for navigating through posts, etc…). Still working on finding a stylus for iPad that comes close to the pen on Surface. Closest I’ve found is the Wacom Bamboo Finepoint, but not all apps support it.

Ironically/frustratingly, I couldn’t write this blog post on it, because copy/paste from web pages seems to work differently, so I couldn’t copy the links for the Read section from my Readinator utility without having to manually add in each hyperlink. Nope. For now, back to the MBA for this post. And man, does this thing feel like a battleship now. Crazy. Now, back to the iPad…

  1. partly in response to Brian, who is going through some hoops trying to convince an iPad to try to be a device of content creation as part of the awesome-looking-from-afar Agora project at UdG ↩︎

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