2015 week 26 in review


Still on the road - attended and presented at D2L Fusion this week. It was really great to see team members presenting about what we’ve done at UCalgary to finish successfully migrating from Bb to D2L. I’m still going through my notes from the conference, and may post something after I get back into the office. Lots of interesting stuff. Lots of stuff we were able to learn as a result of being able to meet with several people in the company1.



Just wrapping up a couple of vacation days tacked onto the work trip to Orlando. Did some more Disney stuff. Battled crowds and heat and crowded heat. Starting the travel home after posting this.

  1. I wrote a kind of snarky, pointed, difficult email before the conference, and as a result we were able to meet with several people within the company that we likely wouldn’t have been able to talk to otherwise. we all learned a lot, and left the conference feeling much more confident in our relationship with the company. ↩︎

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