I’m working on a way to automate a bunch of this weekly review post - pulling in starred items from Fever, bookmarks saved to my Scuttle install, and maybe some faved tweets1. Not quite there yet, though. I’m hoping to use some time this week to work on crafting something that smushes this stuff together and generates Markdown code for the Read section below.


Lots of miscellaneous stuff - working on the EDU IT Plan, trying to get video hosting as a service on campus, and putting together the skeleton of the new EDU department portfolio website.

We’ve had mixed success with our new Davinci AIO 1.0 3D printer/scanner. It does some really nice prints and scans, but has been a bit flaky. We did print a full model of a heart, with hollow atria and aorta. Progress!

heart model



Finished the fire pit in our back yard, and had our first fire on the weekend. I could get used to that.

first fire

  1. maybe not - that could be pretty noisy ↩︎