2015 week 7 in review


I’m forcing myself to work from a Surface Pro 3 tablet for awhile because I need to avoid locking myself into a pure monoculture. I’ve used the thing for 3 (non-consecutive) weeks now, and it’s been an eye-opener. I’ll likely write up something separate with some details. I’m writing this blog post on it. And I’m not sure I’ll finish the post without switching to my real laptop.

Not much noteworthy at work this week - most of the office was away for the EDC conference in Winnipeg. I went to 2 HR workshops. And worked part-way through a stack of award nominations for the 2 review committees I’m sitting on this year. Good times.



Spring skiing in February. Not much snow left in Kananaskis, so we’re likely not going to be able to head back to Nakiska for a couple of weeks - hoping for a series of big snowfalls in the mountains (see the linked article above on the coming megadrought - ski seasons are going to get browner)

Spring Skiing in February

Huh. I made it to the end of this week’s Update post still using the Surface, and I only had the urge to throw the damned thing a handful of times. Progress.

  1. Windows’ autocorrect feature keeps trying to change Downes to Downers. Interesting. ↩︎

  2. that’s 2 different places he writes for, without owning either. Reclaim your stuff, Justin. ↩︎

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