Alan's post this morning got me thinking about what my reclaimed/co-claimed/com-plained content publishing workflow has evolved into. At a high level, this:

Content publishing workflow

Basically, I host as much of the stuff I care about as possible. My blog (and a handful of tools running on subdomains on the same server) serves as the primary place where I post stuff. Much of what I publish doesn't show up on my blog's front page or RSS feed, but it's there for me, and I use it all daily.

Of the whole thing, I consider 2 parts absolutely essential: the WordPress-powered ((running a few plugins and a customized theme to make it behave the way I want it)) blog/site running at, and my Aperture library living on my home laptop. If I ever lost either of those, I'd be out of action. So I back them up somewhat rigorously (but could definitely do a better job of it).

The rest of the workflow, I treat as less critical, even ephemeral. If some of it disappeared, I may not even notice. If the third party stuff vanished (or I decided not to renew subscriptions), I'd feel it, but I'd be able to move on. Evernote is probably the one piece of third party kit that I'd find hardest to live without - it serves as the glue to hold all of my work stuff together - notes scrawled on iPads, snapshots from my phone, notes from meetings etc… all pulled together in a platform-agnostic holding pen in Evernote.