Windows 8 and office 2013

Installed windows 8.1 in a VM today for testing. Surprisingly, not hating it. Especially when running on an SSD, it’s quick. And I haven’t seen that damned spinning blue cursor yet. Kind of love the weather app with built-in ski reports… And writing blog posts from Word? Feels… wrong… but it might work. Never thought I’d say this, but I could actually use this without ranting non-stop (as I did during my last foray into Windows 7 – had to give up the Dell laptop because my blood pressure kept rising…)


Breaking ground


Looks like heavy equipment is moving on the site of the Taylor Institute.

Saskatoon, 1945

Saskatoon, 1945

Including my dad (far left), his mom, a couple of his brothers, and his dad (and some borders that stayed with them)

photo archives

just picked up a photo scanner to pull these photo archives out of cold storage

thanks to a nudge from Clint Lalonde, I just ordered a photo scanner and pulled these banker’s boxes out of the storage room. Time to pull the family photo archives out of cold storage…