From a Rawstory article about Chomsky's interview on NPR:

"If you take a look at the progressive changes that have taken place in the country, say, just in the last 50 years – the civil rights movement, the antiwar movement, opposition to aggression, the women's movement, the environmental movement and so on – they're not led by any debate in the media," Chomsky said. "No, they were led by popular organizations, by activists on the ground."

Sounds consistent with what we see in education and edtech - progressive changes are made in the trenches. The media (and other parasitic corporate organizations) does not lead the changes - they follow (usually with a poor level of fidelity, and with co-option of ideals through monetization, financialization and other greedmongering urges).

It might be interesting if we recognize the power of in-the-trenches progressive changes led by activists (i.e., us), and use that influence to harness the corporate lapdogs rather than limply ranting against them…