help (still) wanted: Director of Educational Development

We're still looking for someone who will kick ass as the Director of Educational Development at the new Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning.

Apply yourself!
From the posting:

The University of Calgary invites applications for a full-time tenure track academic position at the Director rank, commencing October 1, 2013 (or as soon as possible). The successful candidate will be appointed Director of the Educational Development Unit (EDU) of the Institute for Teaching and Learning. This position presents an exciting opportunity to take a leadership role in shaping a core element in a uniquely integrated approach to building teaching and learning capacity in an innovative and forward looking institution.

Within the vision for the Institute for Teaching and Learning, the EDU Director will play a key leadership role in guiding the transition of the former Teaching and Learning Centre to an integral component of a more comprehensive institute. The Director will manage and promote a collaborative spirit among all staff within the EDU and between the EDU and the University community. In that collaborative context, the Director will lead the development of research-informed approaches to educational development that respond to the needs of the University of Calgary community. The scope of practice ranges from centralized programs on shared themes to facilitating problem solving on a specific challenge identified by an academic unit. He/she will also encourage and conduct inquiry into selected University of Calgary educational development practices for the purpose of understanding and improving the impact of initiatives. The Director will also pursue relationships with institutions in Alberta and other external organizations to advance the work of the EDU.

The Institute is going to be a seriously awesome place to work. The vision for it is exciting, and it's going to have a mandate to improve teaching and learning, through research, design, and professional development.

Apply, and/or spread the word.

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