the death of Google Reader has been greatly exaggerated

Using Marco Arment’s handy dandy RSS feed-subscribers apache access log processing script, here’s the current breakdown of accesses by known RSS reader applications to my blog since 8am today:


The big spike on the far left? Google Reader. Still counting for almost 77% of RSS-related accesses to my blog. Except no humans can see what it’s still indexing using GReader…

Marco found the same thing on his much-more-widely-read blog.

Google Reader appears to be a zombie process, obediently and tirelessly indexing RSS feeds, oblivious to the fact that nobody will be able to view the product of its work…

Update: Here’s a version with GReader removed:

GReaderRIP withoutGReader

Newsblur (at almost 15% of RSS traffic to my blog), followed by Digg1, Yahoo! Pipes, etc… The RSS landscape has changed rather dramatically in the last couple of weeks. The long tail of long tail readers…

  1. which used to be dead, but was resurrected by the death of GReader… ↩︎

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