sharing LMS requirements

Jen suggested many (many) months ago that I post the requirements we used in the LMS RFP on github so people could use them, fork them, etc…. A starting point, so every institution doesn't have to reinvent the wheel each time. Considering the amount of time and effort she put into helping craft them, how can I possibly refuse? I can't, that's how.


Generic-ish LMS RFP requirements, ala github.

Things I learned about using this set of requirements:

  1. WAY too many line items. When ranking responses, we got serious regression toward the mean - the numbers balanced out and the differences were de-emphasized. Pick the ones that mean the most to you. Ignore (or demote) the rest.
  2. Some of the items were way too specific, others, not specific enough. Yeah. Balance.
  3. The vendors provided great responses to all of the items. I know they must have been frustrated by the sheer number of line items, but they pushed through and provided what we needed. And now, they have responses to copy and paste as needed, so it should get easier for everyone…

I haven't received explicit approval from The Management to share these, but they were included in a public document, so it shouldn't be a problem… Openness and sharing and unicorns and butterflies etc…

Update: I chatted with our CIO about this, and he thought it was a great idea. Cool. Done.

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