The job posting for the position of Director, Educational Development at the new Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning was just published.

From the posting:

Within the vision for the Institute for Teaching and Learning, the EDU Director will play a key leadership role in guiding the transition of the former Teaching and Learning Centre to an integral component of a more comprehensive institute. The Director will manage and promote a collaborative spirit among all staff within the EDU and between the EDU and the University community. The Director will liaise with deans, chairs, faculty, librarians, teaching assistants, student services professionals, and students to encourage the development of research-informed learning and teaching methods, including the integration of appropriate technologies to improve learning. He/she will also lead inquiry into selected University of Calgary educational development practices for the purpose of understanding and improving the impact of initiatives. The Director will also pursue relationships with institutions in Alberta and other external organizations to advance the work of the EDU.

Tenure track faculty position, so it needs a PhD.

Apply, yo.