march 2013 by bike

IMG 9622

  • 21 rides
  • 293km
  • 13:20 hours
  • avg speed 21.91km/h
  • max speed 53.73km/h

now, to switch to the cannondale for the rest of the riding season…

shiny bike

gave the Fast Bike™ a nice warm shower. cleanest it’s been since I got it… almost ready to take her back on the road…

IMG 9616

Officially spring


Cooling down on the deck after riding home. First time I’ve been able to do that this year 😃

UofC budget

I haven’t seen an official breakdown of the impact of provincial budget cuts on the UofC itself. Saw this mention in a related article on executive salary freeze:

In its 2013 budget released two weeks ago, the province cut the University of Calgary’s operational budget by about $32 million, or seven percent.

The university states that is equal to a nine percent difference in funding when it includes a two per cent increase which was promised in the 2012 budget.

via Wage freeze for U of C executives – Calgary – CBC News.

also, the 9% difference is even higher, when accounting for inflation. likely more info available in tomorrow’s town hall meeting.

glad I’m not an executive…