So, last year I wrote a post declaring my boycott of ebooks, because of the fracked up pricing of the books I’m interested in, where the ebook version is significantly more expensive than the dead-trees version1.

In the comments on that post2, and indie author, Nathan Lowell, suggested I give the indies a shot. They typically have a saner pricing model, and they also don’t get as much exposure as the mainstream / high volume authors.

So, I checked out his website, and the indie authors site it linked to, and wound up buying his novel. And I devoured it. And I bought the entire series. And then, I bought a few more books. And so on…

Fast forward 1 year, and I’ve read over 24 science fiction novels, and a few others (my iTunes Books section has 63 items in it right now - including many ebooks downloaded from the intarwebs, and many pdf documents). More than 2 novels per month. For many, that is a light reading list. For me, I haven’t read this much fiction since I was in high school.

IMG 0100

So… yeah. boycott? not so much.

And I did read some Big Name Authors, but I’ve also read a lot of stuff I wouldn’t have had time to read, without the ebook format. Syncing books and position between pad and phone means I always have my book(s) with me, which means I’m more likely to fit in a few pages standing in line etc… when I wouldn’t have lugged a paper book along.

I’m waiting for Nathan’s latest 2 books in the Solar Clipper Series to be released on iBooks, and for Randolph Lalonde to finish the next instalment of the Spinward Fringe series…

  1. despite having next to no cost for duplication or transport, and my access to the book essentially restricted to a software license that I can’t lend or pass on to anyone… ↩︎

  2. yeah. comments. sometimes they’re useful. I’m still not re-re-re-enabling them again ↩︎