google encroachment

First, they provided a search engine. Then they monitored every search query, to push ads. Then, they added additional services, including email and RSS, to track everything you read and everyone you know. Then, they added social layers, to track everything you do. Then, they added DNS services, to be able to track everything you read and do, even outside of Google's suite of monitoring tools aka online services.

Now, they want to lay their own fiber-to-the-home internet service. They say it's to ensure network neutrality, and to provide a stable alternative to the big telecom companies' cable and DSL and fiber services. That sounds awesome. Everyone hates the big telecom companies, always screwing us over and gouging us and etc.. etc...

And, hey! Gigabit internet connection! In my home! Holy crap!

But, the voice in my head suggests they also want to be able to monitor everything that everyone reads, knows, does, on any service, anywhere. Because, do no evil. Or something.

This is some scary stuff. We need a separation of church and state. Monitoring/advertising companies should not be in the business of providing infrastructure. Of course, it hasn't been officially announced. And nobody knows what the terms of the service are. But even just the idea of it kind of makes my skin crawl.

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