I tried switching to Pulp as my RSS reader a couple of weeks ago. The interface was interesting, and it syncs across multiple devices (Mac and iOS) using iCloud, so there's no Google-tracking. Sounded interesting. Worth a shot.

Yeah. Well. That didn't work out so well. The iCloud syncing never worked well for me. Not sure if I subscribe to more feeds than it can handle, but there you go. Constant issues with getting feeds and state synced across a couple of computers. But, that's not the end of the world. It was the interface just doesn't work for extensive use. It's like the Pepsi Challenge thing. It seemed great on the screenshots, and with initial usage, but it just didn't work with lots of feeds, over a couple of weeks.

Pulp tries really hard to be a shiny newspaper. But it tries really hard to be just that. Little quirks like showing all items in a page, but just fading already-read items out to barely legible grey. And not showing the new stuff without making you wade through multiple pages and scrolling through a bunch of columns. A reader should help me blast through feeds without hunting for unread items and squinting to read stuff.

So, back to FeverËš. And, with the latest version of the Reeder app for iOS (adding support for using FeverËš for the sync - hopefully the iPad and Mac apps get feature parity with the iPhone version soon...), I can have the full interface on any computer with a browser, and an optimized mobile app for the road. Best of both worlds.