serendipity in random thumbnail images.

Where else can you see Brian Lamb screaming out vocals to Grant Potter and Mikhail Gershovich (my NINJA!); a BSG Centurion SL avatar; Downes, Canter, Tanglao, Mann, and a bunch of amazing folks; Roland; Jen goofing around; Blankenship (standing next to Nancy White and Barbara Ganley, off camera); Nancy White talking about community or chickens or both with Dave Cormier, Alan Levine, Alex Waterhouse-Hayward, Bill Kempthorne, and others; Brian fracking Lamb, ladies and gentlemen!; Dave Wiley hamming it up; Dave Cormier again; George Siemens; and Jakob Dylan and the Wallflowers?

I mean, come ON. I've been so fracking lucky to have had the chance to meet, hang out, and work with these people over the last decade. So many awesome.

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