Behold, an iTextbook

Drop-dead simple. I don’t really care about what this means for textbook publishers, but having these tools in the hands of students, and seeing what they create – now that’s some interesting stuff. Evan loves messing around with building sites with Hype – I can’t wait to see what he does with this stuff…

These are screenshots from a simple “hello world” book, that took maybe 5 minutes to put together, and most of that time was spent exploring menus etc…

Books can be exported in PDF or text format in addition to the interactive iBooks format. I haven’t tried it, but I’d guess that the .ibooks files are able to be imported into iTunes without having to go through the iBook store (the same way ePub books can be imported already). Here’s the .ibooks file, to test that out… (I imagine it’d need to be download, then dragged into iTunes, then synced with an iDevice. that’s how I get off-iStore-ePub books there. or it might work directly from the iDevice by clicking on the URL…)


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