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I’ve been tweaking how I manage the ephemeral media here on my blog. Today, I added a page that shows the most recent 50 images uploaded to the site, with links to the post about each image. It’s a bit more like a photostream view, and the page includes links to the larger bloggish photostream view, as well as the RSS feed for ephemeral stuff.

Screen Shot 2011 10 23 at 9 27 47 PM

To do this, I’m just using the native WordPress media manager to handle the images (which happens automagically), and the YD Recent Images plugin and Widgets on Pages plugin to embed the photo/imagestream on the page. This is pretty close to how I imagined displaying images here. Now, to think more about how to better replace the missing community features from Flickr’s Contacts page…

3 thoughts on “ephemeral photostream

  1. That’s a great tip, thanks! I also added some css (padding and margin) to give the images some spacing. If there is a way to add post title below the image you’d have something very flickr like.

    Here is my css
    .yd_rii {
    margin:5px; padding:3px;

  2. Not sure if my last comment went through. I’ll try on more. Thanks for the tip. I added a little css (padding and margin) and had to float my images b/c they appeared in a list. Now if you could get the title of the post to appear you could get that flickr feel.

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