photo friday: ephemerality

I've been experimenting with posting what I call "ephemeral media" here on my own blog, rather than just leaving it scattered across the various bits of the intarwebs. Well, I guess, it's not really just experimenting anymore. I'm pretty much committed, full-in. I nuked my separate photoblog. I haven't posted to Flickr in awhile. It's all getting posted here. Has it changed the kinds of photos I shoot? Maybe. I'm probably being less artsy lately, and more strictly documentarian - shooting the banal crap that makes up my days. But that's fine with me.

Boring snapshots, for sure. But if photography is a way to remember and share, that's all I can do.

And, by hosting my own ephemeral banality, it becomes part of my own flow rather than remaining scattered and decontextualized. It's boring and banal, but it's *mine*.

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