UCalgaryBlogs.ca is 4 years old

The latest iteration of the campus blogging platform, UCalgaryBlogs.ca, is 4 years old today. It had run previously as a Drupal community (started way back in 2005!), before migrating it to WordPress Multiuser, and now just plain old WordPress. For its first year, it basically sat idle. Then, starting in the fall semester of 2008, things kind of took off. Slowly, at first, and then in bursts at each new semester.

Screen Shot 2011 10 03 at 11 08 46 AM

I've been managing the service on my own the entire time, on server space scrounged from surplus equipment, on a budget of essentially $0. Sometimes, it seems totally worth it, and it's rewarding to see the awesome stuff that faculty and students are doing with the platform. And then the spammers hit, and I wonder why I bother. Hoping to find a happy medium in there somewhere, and get it moved onto an Officially Managed Server Environmentâ„¢ as soon as possible, so we can let things scale a little more...


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Last updated: September 16, 2023