indicating category in blog post autotweet

I've been using the Twitter Tools plugin to automatically post tweets whenever I publish a post here. Scott mentioned that with my recent consolidation, there are a fair number of tweets coming through the blog, and it'd be handy to have some indicator if it's a tweet about a blog post (which he might bother to read) or a bit of ephemeral media (which he likely wouldn't).


I couldn't see a way to do that within Twitter Tools directly, so I wrote a VERY simple (and horribly ugly hackish) plugin to add that functionality. If it works (and I'm not anywhere near 100% confident that it will), then this post should show up on Twitter with a " (blog)" appended to the tweet. Ephemeral media posts have " (media)" appended. The ephemeral-appending-bit worked, but I'm not sure if it's doing that for all posts, or behaving as intended. Only one way to find out…

*Update*: Well, whaddayaknow? It worked. Actual PHP code that executes without barfing out errors, and does what I intended. The wonders never cease…


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