further consolidation

I realized that it’s silly to run a separate ephemeral media blog. There are plugins that let you control what categories get shown on the front page of a wordpress site, as well as which categories get into the RSS feed. So I can [post ephemeral media stuff](http://www.darcynorman.net/category/ephemera) right here on my “main” blog, without having to futz around with a separate blog, and without having to pollute the front page and RSS feed with stuff that almost nobody will want to see.

Ephemeral category

I’ve used the [Advanced Category Excluder](http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/advanced-category-excluder/) before, when I was experimenting with [twitter-like “aside” posts](http://www.darcynorman.net/asides) here on the blog. It lets you “hide” specific categories from various parts of the site – front page, rss feed, category pages, search results, etc… Very handy stuff.

So, now I have an “Ephemeral Media” page, which shows all posts in the “ephemera” category. Since all posts get auto-tweeted, it replicates the functionality of a twitpic/yfrog/etc… service, but without the third-party-company stuff hanging over things.

Anyway. Now I’m down to one blog. My main blog. I’ll probably leave the other blogs up, at least for now. I may migrate the content from them (the photoblog and ephemeral media blog) into this one. Consolidation is good. Having control over where I post stuff is good. Not having to rely on third party services is good.

Running my site on [Mediatemple](http://mediatemple.net/), I get gobs of storage, and more bandwidth than I could ever use (touch wood). They’ve also rolled out a full content delivery network, to make it perform really well. With those tools already at my disposal, why would I rely on any third party service?

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