on consolidating

I've been thinking about how I want to handle posting content online. I have my blog, which has been active for almost a decade, where I post stuff on various topics. I have my photoblog, which has been around for a few years now, for daily photo posts. There's the ephemeral media blog, which is a recent addition but has triggered much of my rethinking about what/where/why I post things.

I stopped posting daily photos to the photoblog over a month ago. It just stopped being fun, and felt more like one more damned thing to do. Which wasn't the point of doing that in the first place. So, I've decided to retire the photoblog. I'll keep it online, but I don't think I'll be posting to it for awhile.

I realized that my main blog is where I want to post things. If it's my commonplace book slash outboard brain slash documentation site, then it makes sense for everything that's worth actually publishing to be published through it. So, it'll likely be even less topic-focused than it has been, and will also likely be noisy, messy and chaotic. If I post stuff at all.

The Photography link in the navigation bar no longer points to the photoblog (you didn't know it did that, did you? well, it did. and now, it doesn't), and will now show the Photography category within the main blog.

The [ephemeral media blog](http://media.darcynorman.net) will still be running, because it'd just get too noisy if that kind of thing was posted on the main blog. One thing that struck me after setting up the ephemeral media blog, using the same theme as the main blog, is how much wider it is than the photograph-centric theme I'm using on the photoblog. Photos posted on my main blog are actually bigger (up to ~840px wide) than they are on the photoblog (800px wide), so photos look good enough to use in regular posts.

Anyway... just a quick post to describe to people what's going on here, and what I'm thinking of doing. I'm still surprised that I've gotten a bunch of messages from people about the inactivity of the photoblog. Go figure.

I don't have any plans to be trying anything specific, just to mess around with consolidating things a bit more.

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