the after-conference gatherings at northern voice have always tended to be rather musical, so this year Grant went out and booked a rehearsal studio for us to jam without annoying neighbours. The Sanctuary, in East Van, is an incredible rehearsal space. I only recorded a small clip from the 11 hours (!) spent in The Sanctuary over 2 days. It was awesome, in every sense of the word. Seeing people I know share music together, with skill and talent I didn't know they had? Inspiring. It was my first time ever playing music with anyone else. I'll definitely be trying to do that some more...

[caption id="attachment_4866" align="alignnone" width="840"] Mikhail, Bryan and Alan on guitar. Brian on drums.[/caption]

Here's a small clip, from the Saturday session. Brian Lamb on drums. Grant Potter on bass. Bryan Jackson and Mikhail Gershovich on guitar. GNA Davis on vocals. Killer.


More recordings are being pulled from the archive. Giggidy.

oh, right. there was also a conference. with a panel discussion about ds106 radio that I participated in. or something. #4life

NV2011 DS106 Panel


archive from the Thursday night session

(warning: nearly 4 hours of audio, 130MB .mp3 file. but worth it.)

Thursday Night