photo friday – longview sky


I took this during a rest stop on day one of the 2009 Ride to Conquer Cancer, after pulling into a schoolyard in [Longview, Alberta](,_Alberta). This is absolutely gorgeous countryside, with rolling foothills building to the Rocky Mountains in the west. The highway is called [The Cowboy Trail](, because this is serious ranch country. Clint Eastwood shot [Unforgiven]( in the area. **Serious** ranch country.

I was crazy enough to lug the DSLR with me on the bike, with a heavy 17-35mm L lens, and was [really glad that I’d done so]( I know several people who are doing the 2011 ride (I opted out this year) and know they’ll have a blast. It’s a hard, painful experience, but totally worth every second.

8 thoughts on “photo friday – longview sky”

  1. Ah, Longview is fantastic, beautiful country. I still remember sitting in the cafe (which, as I recall, is Longview) pulling ticks out of my hair after hiking in Kananaskis (Strawberry Mountain forest fire ookout).

    1. I think I must have been typing too fast. I meant to say “FUN” and “AWESOME” and that the ride goes through fields of unicorns and butterflies. Not sure how that other stuff got in there…

      Don’t hyperventilate. You’ll be fine. Seriously. I know you can do the ride without problems – just get on the bike for some longish training rides (30-50km, with some hills) and you’ll be fine. I know a few routes that are good, if you want to try them. If I can time childcare, I can even tag along.

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