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I just moved to a new server, and am now hosting my stuff with MediaTemple. So far, things are going well. While moving my stuff over, it struck me how much of this stuff I use every day, and how much of that is now self-managed. I’m trying to wean myself from relying on third party services as much as possible. Here’s what my digital life looks like as of this evening (after dumping some unused apps that I didn’t feel like bothering to migrate):

My Personal Infrastructure.png

I’m kidding about Quora. I don’t think I’ve used it past setting up an account, posting a single question (which was deleted) and then ignoring the endless stream of annoying “Hubert M. Schlemberger is now using Quora” emails. There’s something to be said for self-managing stuff…

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  1. D’Arcy,

    Congrats on the move, and this diagram is something I am going to talk to my students about. In many ways, how you have been weaning yourself off third party services for years now (and your rants about sharecropping) were part and parcel of the inspiration for this experiment, and nice to have a diagram from the master. Your diagrams are digital storytelling for sure.

  2. Thanks for this D’Arcy – couple of dumb questions:
    i) Why is twitter not included? Is it because it’s not a content hosting service. Are there other similar tools you use, which aren’t included here?
    ii) Is there any rationale behind what you host, and what you use 3rd party for? Even if it’s not one you’ve made explicit, is it something like ‘the 3rd party service offers network effects’ or ‘couldn’t find a decent alternative’?

    I need to have a go at this, as I’m just all third party.


    1. interesting. I never even thought to put twitter on there. I don’t think of it as publishing. It’s more like a phone (well, a party line, I guess) than a publishing tool for me. ephemeral and noisy.

      The only reason I keep using Flickr for photos, rather than hosting them all using Gallery2 or something similar, is the network. It’s almost impossible to replicate the “Contacts” page without a central application managing it. That’s where I spend much of my time on Flickr.

      Basically, if it’s something I care about, and something I come to rely on, I want to host it myself. With the exception of Flickr, where it’s just impossible to replicate the key feature that I love.

  3. Happy to hear you are hosting with us. Feel free to reach us through the phones or Twitter with any questions that you may have. Hope everything goes well, and feel free to give us a shout.

  4. D’arcy. thanks for sharing this. I long ago accepted the wisdom of @brlamb’s saying to just follow your lead, and in many things I do.

    Tried fever for a while, it didn’t cross the chasm for me. I guess Google Reader was too engrained in my workflow.

    Fence sitting about scuttle. Did the install, it works fine, but miss the network, so am still using delicious for now.

    Using for URL shortening but have yourls installed on a BCcampus server and quite liking it – it has a really nice and simple API and I integrated it with our repository to create short URLs for every resource.

    Am trying identica as a local twitter replacement but so far it hasn’t worked perfectly; interested to try diaspora when it gets out of alpha.

    It is good to keep experimenting with this. I do not think there is a one-size-fits-all solution for how to do this, but I do think as we keep experimenting we are learning more about the issues on each piece and moving closer to a distributed/federated solution on some of them.

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