In the spirit of sharing process, ala Cogdog, here’s how I did it. It’s pretty complicated.

This video was shot in one take (no script, just kinda winging it), using my iPhone4 as video camera, resting on a plastic stand on my desk in the basement. To do this, I pressed the “record” button on the phone. The video was brought into iMovie ‘09, via the magical wondrousness of a USB cable, and some photos were dragged over from Aperture (I used a trackpad for this, but any pointing device supported by MacOSX would likely suffice). Export the file as HD movie, and upload to teh youtuber, slowly, via the fugly web interface.

I then wrote a quick blog post in MarsEdit, complete with hyperlinks that actually work coughjimgroomahem and posted it to my blog.

BY FAR the longest part of this whole process was uploading the 150MB file from my laptop to YouTube at about 60KB/second. I should have sent it directly from the iPhone over 3G. #shaw #fail