ds106 intro story

In the spirit of sharing process, [ala Cogdog](http://cogdogblog.com/2011/01/12/no-chicken-photos/), here’s how I did it. It’s pretty complicated.

This video was shot in one take (no script, just kinda winging it), using my iPhone4 as video camera, resting on a plastic stand on my desk in the basement. To do this, I pressed the “record” button on the phone. The video was brought into iMovie ’09, via the magical wondrousness of a USB cable, and some photos were dragged over from Aperture (I used a trackpad for this, but any pointing device supported by MacOSX would likely suffice). Export the file as HD movie, and upload to teh youtuber, slowly, via the fugly web interface.

I then wrote a quick blog post in MarsEdit, complete with hyperlinks that actually work *cough*jimgroom*ahem* and posted it to my blog.

BY FAR the longest part of this whole process was uploading the 150MB file from my laptop to YouTube at about 60KB/second. I should have sent it directly from the iPhone over 3G. #shaw #fail

6 thoughts on “ds106 intro story”

  1. Thank for for sharing the detailed how to steps. I hope I can replicate the process (or “PRO-cess”) one day. A few things confused me.

    Where is the “record” button on the iPhone? I rpessed everything.

    What is a “pointing device”, I tried my fingers on the screen.

    Thanks again, you are teh best thing since <a href=”htp://bavtuesday.cm” bavaman

  2. I tried following your guide but I’m afraid it assumes too much techie knowledge. What type of desk did you use? I have an Ikea one, will it work with this?

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