It [looks like]( Yahoo! is going to kill/merge/mangle/whatever the bookmarking service. Hysteria! Madness!

I've used Delicious for over 6 years. I've got 3,298 bookmarks stored there, with 16,669 tags. There's a handy dandy [XML exporter]( that let me grab them all in one file.

Then what? I could import easily to another third party service. But it's likely that people will migrate to different services, so the network effects from Delicious are already evaporating. And any third party service will eventually die anyway.

So, I've [installed a copy]( of the open source [Scuttle]( bookmark management app. I've already imported all of my old bookmarks (with notes, tags, and dates preserved) and will be using that instead of Delicious (or other options).

I had to chop the giant XML file into two smaller ones, as Scuttle only supports imports of 1MB, and my export file was 1.2MB huge.

The biggest thing I'll miss is the Network on Delicious - seeing what people I care about are bookmarking - and the for:dnorman way of sharing links.

Scuttle has pervasive RSS, so if anyone wants to follow what I'm bookmarking (or just a tag's items), it's pretty easy [to subscribe](

It also supports the same for:username tag syntax, so I could happily tag things like [for:brlamb]( and if he's subscribed to the [rss feed for that tag](, he'll get the links. Same thing for any of the other 20 accounts I've sent stuff.

Also, because it supports the Delicious API, you can point other apps at it. And it has a REST interface, so it's easy to integrate with apps that use URLs to connect. I've already reconfigured my RSS reader ([FeverËš]( to send saved bookmarks to it rather than to Delicious.

Of course, with this running on my shared server space, it's just another service I'll come to rely on, which will drive me nuts when the server tanks...

Screen shot 2010-12-16 at 3.08.26 PM.png