rob anders is an idiot

My MP for the last 13 years has been [Rob Anders]( The man is an extremist, and an idiot. But the Conservatives could run a lobotomized chimp and it'd get elected in my riding. This is the buffoon that cast the lone vote to block granting an honorary Canadian citizenship for Nelson Mandela in 2001 - claiming Mandela is a terrorist.

The latest bit of class from this cretin is in response to our recent civic election, where record voter turnout resulted in Naheed Nenshi being elected Mayor.

From [an article in the Globe and Mail](

>Rob Anders, the Conservative MP for Calgary West, calls Mr. Nenshi the "Obama of Alberta," and he doesn't mean that in a good way.
>"I think what Calgarians are going to find is they will be very surprised at just how Liberal their new mayor is," said Mr. Anders, who has known Mr. Nenshi since high school.
>"I think that it's a very successful coalition-building exercise. Obviously, he was able to pick up Liberals and students and did very well in northeast Calgary. I think that if he pursues an activist agenda to try to push the city to the left of centre, he'll probably alienate himself."

The agenda Nenshi is pushing is [clearly defined in the policy documents of his website]( And was strongly endorsed by the citizens of Calgary. But Anders is an idiot, and thinks we had no idea who we were voting for.


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