Fujifilm lust

I shot with a Fujifilm point-and-shoot 15 years ago, and with my trusted E510 just a few years ago. They were both nice little compact cameras. But Fujifilm's new X100 is fracking gorgeous. It looks like it pulls the best of the old school 35mm camera designs, and mashes them into a full on decent digital camera. Metal case. Rings and controls that work when the camera is off. I love everything about this camera. Or at least the press release...


The case reminds me so much of the old Pentax Spotmatic. It's a good thing the X100 is priced out of my budget (rumoured to be $1500-1700US, or about $1700 more than my camera budget), or I'd be picking one up ASAP.
If nothing else, I **really** hope this means we might see a shift away from plastic cases and cheapness. The old school of camera design blows away anything made in the last decade or so.

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