[Unlimited Magazine](http://www.unlimitedmagazine.com) just [ran an article by Emily Senger on the massively open online course experience](http://www.unlimitedmagazine.com/2010/09/the-wild-world-of-massively-open-online-courses/). It's a good overview of open online learning, and is definitely worth reading - if only for the 6 paragraphs featuring yours truly... They also spent some of the article talking with people that actually taught the course.

> George Siemens, along with colleague Stephen Downes, tried out the open course concept in fall 2008 through the University of Manitoba in a course called Connectivism and Connective Knowledge, or CCK08 for short. The course would allow 25 students to register, pay and receive credit for the course. All of the course content, including discussion boards, course readings, podcasts and any other teaching materials, was open to anyone who had an internet connection and created a user profile.

and the closer, by your humble narrator:

>"It comes down to the motivation," Norman says. "Are you (an) intrinsically motivated person who does things because you're interested? Or do you do things because you want the gold star. If you're motivated by the gold star, then this probably isn't interesting to you."

The [September 2010 issue of Unlimited Magazine](http://www.unlimitedmagazine.com/2010/09/) is dedicated to education and learning, and the changing natures of both.