doubleclick opt-out doesn’t work

I’ve been playing with settings and techniques for minimizing the amount of data gathered about me online. DoubleClick is probably the most invasive, as it silently tracks you as you wander the web, quietly recording what you do, and how you got there, as part of Google’s advertising distribution network.

It has an [opt-out policy](, and they provide a page with a link that is supposed to set a cookie to flag you as opted out – verboten for tracking – but it doesn’t seem to work. I’ve got the opt-out cookie set, but every day, I have fresh cookies from DoubleClick, waiting to be deleted.

Screen shot 2010-06-05 at 9.00.53 PM.png

What part of OPT OUT does DoubleClick not understand?

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  1. Maybe it’s like the Facebook delete option, where if you visit a doubleclick-enabled site in the two weeks following your opt-out, they assume you want to be part of the network again…

      1. I think that more technology as a matter of course takes away our freedom. As vendors develop the technology, they can shape it in whatever direction they want. That direction usually means more control. The only potential solution seems to be something on the order of a co-op like Mondragon Corp ( If we have a co-op with real principles producing the technology than we can expect better results than people motivated by only money.

  2. Is it possible that you’re clearing cookies, including the opt-out cookie? In that case, a new one would be created when you next visited a site with DoubleClick tags (millions of them). You need a browser add-on to keep their cookie permanent.

    You can visit to get more information about these topics.

    1. nope. I’m deleting the 2 non-opt-out cookies, being sure to leave the opt-out cookie in place. I wonder if there’s some funky domain mismatch going on – the tracking cookies are, but the opt-out cookie is

        1. yeah. I figure it’s a wildcard so all subdomains of can access the cookie – but would the .com/.net mismatch cause problems? shouldn’t be able to see a cookie set for, IIRC.

          1. Have you checked on other methods of setting cookies like flash’s cookie? That’s a much better way of tracking. Also, the method usually employed is they pull the cookie by including a javascript from the domain… So if the site you are visiting is not pulling some content from the domain then it would not be able to read the cookie… Some ad blockers might stop it from doing that… i.e. your host file would keep it from doing that… as would not be able to track your machine.

            1. BTW, I am using that hosts file and I don’t have a cookie… But I run a pretty heavy shield against ads and shit… I think firefox is better equipped in terms of available extensions to fight this than Safari. I don’t allow 3rd party cookies at all. I also run a flash blocker which prevents flash stuff from loading.. Further I delete flash cookies each time I exit the browser.

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