1. Sami

    BTW more with my current interest in blasphemy against the modern religion to incite silence as to prove what is holy and profane.

    > Education is not about content dissemination. It is about personal development and skill building.

    Education is (also) about coercion, control, class warfare. It’s about supporting power. It’s about providing a medium which mirrors the workplace as to condition the body and the mind to respond properly to that stimulus. It about conditioning the worker to receive coercing rewards for arbitrary performance of regulated, arbitrary tasks that are forgotten as soon as the reward is dealt. So education is not only about personal development and skill building, but also building a proper type of worker. Outside of that environment how is the worker to know his place, how to behave, how to express themselves, how to respond to coercion, etc. What is profane and what is holy. What is righteous and what must be condemned with silence?

    I think the biggest failure of online education is in this avenue. That it does not provide all the other education that employers find to be useful.

  2. I actually finally read the Economics chapter the other day because of a conversation we were having around DTLT. Now, after reading your post, I definitely need to go read the whole thing. I can’t really comment on what I thought about that one chapter without reading the whole book, of course, and thanks to you, I really want to comment now!

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