Northern Voice 2010

Lots of insanely smart, funny, interesting people at Northern Voice. The conference was just gravy. Also, I got to think through some of my plans with these insanely smart, funny and interesting people, and think I've got a much better handle on both my MSc research proposal, and what I need to do on campus as part of my Day Jobâ„¢.

Thursday: Online Community Enthusiasts - put on by BCCampus/SCOPE - an all-day workshop on facilitating/fostering/participating in online communities

online community enthusiastsenthusiasticproblemsgraphic

Friday: Northern Voice Day 1 - Bryan Alexander's keynote on Mystery. #altmoosecamp sessions

Bryanepic atriumunbrokenmany eyesI have an iPadgood and evildavephotocampbryan abidesD'Arcy (by Jon)

Saturday: Northern Voice Proper - Chris Messina keynote, edujamsession at Casa del Lamb-McPhee.

saturday keynotealex and krisshaggy krisgrantgrant, playinggrant and brian jam - 1grant and brian jam - 2grant and brian jam - 3musical

Sunday: Mother's Day. Hanging out with Harry and my Vancouver family before heading home to be with mine.

avid readeriona

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