coffee o’clock

the only morning beverage.

2010/04/30: TGIF! To celebrate the end of the week, make an artistic shot of your favorite beverage or libation today. #ds166

I’ve taken similar photos before, but wanted to try something different to see how it turned out. I used the 75-300mm lens (macro at 4.5 feet), put the coffee cup on the floor in the sun, and stood on a chair leaning directly above it to get the shot. 300mm at 4.5′ is very zoomy.


I’m wondering if I have a future in edtech, or a place in that field now. I’m just not feeling relevant or useful. A cog in the wheel, but I’m not even sure the wheel is turning, or if it is, in what direction. You know? I’m feeling so much more energized by biking, photography, geeking out with The Boy™ than I am with “edtech.” Campus blogging? Still? Wikis? OER? I can’t believe how unchanged things are. I may as well still be hammering away at a Learning Objects Repository, for all the effect I’ve been having. Why not just let go of all of this crap and just move on to something different?


the last few days, I’ve felt like my head has been full of fog. thoughts have been slow, muddled, and incoherent. hopefully this clears up soon. even a bike ride and a steamy shower aren’t helping…