1. Sadly, my head says “If Apple can do that, I wonder what the government can do . . . .” and that is why I have so few friends.

  2. Rick

    It’s impressive but a bit disturbing. If that’s a real screenshot, do you have permission from all of those people to post their photos on your blog? Is such a thing not necessary? What are the rules or conventions, if any, governing things like this?

    • I think all of those photos are already on Flickr. If anyone complains about 32 pixels somewhat resembling them, I’ll add black eye-bars for privacy.

  3. I love it! I made the mistake of switching back to iPhoto days before the Aperture 3 announcement to get the map and faces features. Now I think I’ll be switching back. Oh well … it looks amazingly powerful. What hardware are you running your Aperture setup on?

    BTW, I’d love to get ETS Talk cracking again! That picture reminded me just how much fun we had.

  4. Faces was the main reason I switched back to iPhoto from Aperture. Time really flies fast when you start looking through photos from the Faces interface. What I especially enjoyed was that Faces could find photos of my kids that I hadn’t tagged with their names – made it pretty trivial to find all the pictures I have of both with both of them in it.

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