It’s award season yet again, and it’s time to bestow the highest honours available to the blogosphere: The Inaugural Bava Blogging Award.

This year’s nominations list is rather short:

That is all.

Vote early, vote often.

This year’s awards were organized by Martin Weller, who has been granted the “Most Important Tweet” award by acclamation.

4 replies on “2009 Bava Blogging Awards”

  1. Hey, if we reopen that category for nominations we’ll wind up with 40 options listed. That would be simply ridiculous – it’s not like the goal of a credible award such as this is to drum up traffic and prop up reputations. That would be scandalous! In the name of all that is good and decent in this world, the acclamation of Most Important Tweet has to stand.

  2. How can I lose to myself? How come the bava only has 4 votes (1 of which was mine) for the best bava blog, and 30 votes for the only alternative? This is an outrage, I’m about to take the bava offline for a while to watch you ingrates writhe with withdrawal sickness.

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