2009 photos of the year

I’ve been trying to pick one photo taken in 2009 to be the “photo of the year” but can’t seem to do it. I’ve narrowed it down to 4 photos. So, here are the 4 2009 photos of the year:

one way – February 10 – while riding my bike over an overpass on the way to visit the dentist, I noticed the symmetry of lines just as a snow squall hit.

longview – June 27 – Taken during day 1 of the 2009 Ride to Conquer Cancer, at the last rest stop of the day before reaching camp. The sky in southwestern Alberta is astounding, contrasted with the lush green grassland.

start of day – November 5 – taken along the 32nd avenue entrance to the northeast corner of the University of Calgary campus, showing the activity of morning commuters, and the construction site for the EEEL building.

dalhousie station – a cold and wet c-train platform.

It was a fun year in pictures. I did the 365photos project again, joined the @dailyshoot project, got published in a photobook of local Calgary photographers, and had a bunch of photos published. Fun stuff.

I’m really happy with how 74 photos turned out – here’s my 2009 5 stars gallery – and am really glad I’m learning so much about photography (both technical and philosophical) and still having a blast doing it.

cratered shadow

bright nearly-full moon, showing craters in the bottom left along the terminator.

my initial idea for today’s @dailyshoot project (about shadows) was to shoot the moon, to see if I could catch craters nicely defined by shadow. I wasn’t sure there would be a clear sky, so I shot a backup idea and wound up liking it. So here’s my fallback for today…

finder of light

my old handheld General Electric Exposure Meter Type PR-1, circa 1951. It still works perfectly, although it doesn’t do well in very low light situations.

It’s really just a slide ruler built around a light meter. You can set different ASA values (or frames per second if shooting (video) film)), then look up corresponding values for aperture and shutter speed to set the camera for proper exposure. It often does a better job of picking exposure combinations than the exposure meter built into my 60-year-newer Canon XT.

2009/12/29: The contrast between an object and its shadow can make for an interesting photo. Explore the “dark side” of shadows today. #ds44