Liveblogging from Twitter to a post on my blog

1:06:20 PM: If this works, all of my tweets will be gathered into a single updating blog post, until I send the liveblog stop code.

1:14:35 PM: now, if this works, it'd be even cooler if I could have it pull all tweets based on a hashtag - either my one, or everyone's.

1:17:46 PM: hmm... Could it be passing over tweets that start with @jimgroom - that could be a killer feature. wish I'd thought of that…

1:19:31 PM: yeah. the twitter --> blog liveblogging plugin seems to skip tweets that start with @ but includes all others. #hashtags?

1:23:00 PM: OK. This Twitter Liveblog thing is pretty fracking slick. I think I'm going to try this for the next event I'm at. Very cool.

1:32:20 PM: that's interesting - my tweets getting pulled into a single updating blog post, with comments happening on the blog post as well.

1:34:24 PM: - How does it handle links? Twitpics?

1:45:33 PM: New post: Trying WP to Twitter (

1:55:14 PM: this liveblogging thing looks really promising. I'll definitely keep it handy…

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