golden morning

I’m not sure what these are (cinquefoil?) but they just blossommed en masse on the bluffs overlooking the Bow River. Lots of bright yellow spread along the pathway.

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Yet Another Bike Commute Video

I’ve been farting around with a Manfrotto Super Clamp to attach a camera to my bike to experiment with techniques to document the Ride to Conquer Cancer. I’ve got a bunch of stuff to try, but I’m getting closer to something that I’m happy with. Here’s the first half of my ride home from UCalgary […]

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1900km in Bowmont

at the west end of the Bowmont pathway system, in Silver Springs. I’m trying the Manfrotto Super Clamp on the handlebars again, this time with my little Fujifilm point and shoot camera – I’m not sure that camera will survive much vibration though…

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Dewey on society

Persons do not become a society by living in physical proximity, any more than a man ceases to be socially influenced by being so many feet or miles removed from others. A book or a letter may institute a more intimate association between human beings separated thousands of miles from each other than exists between […]

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